Trazar Collections Ribbon (CUIX)

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The required files are available in the following download:

Zip Download,


1. Please unzip the archive as a separate folder.
(i.e. /home/user/documents/trazar-collections)

Once you complete an installation:
1. Start your CAD Program.
2. Add the folder "trazar" to Support Paths or Trusted Locations.
3. Type "_APPLOAD" at the command prompt.
4. Select the file "trazar.lsp" from the "trazar" folder, then load.

After finishes compiling the Trazar Menu, the additional toolbars will appear.
You should now re-arrange the new toolbars to suit your requirements.

Trazar Collections support AutoCAD®2000-2019 for Windows, Bricscad®v15 (or later)
for Windows, Linux, or MAC (OSX), and other CAD Platform.


E-mail:, Phone: (507) 3923148 / (507) 66243148